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Ribbons for medals and awards

Ribbons for medals and awards are the perfect complement to any trophy that proudly hangs around the neck of the winner. At the Engraving Shop, we have prepared a wide range of ribbons for metals and medals, which are available in various designs and several widths. We hope this makes it easier for you to find the ribbon you need!



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Elegant ribbons for medals

The dream of every athlete is to achieve success, to surpass the limits of one's abilities and live to see the moment when a medal appears on his chest, which is the crowning achievement of years of hard work and many sacrifices. The beauty of this award is emphasized by the ribbon for the medal in the form of a special ribbon, which takes care of the long-term durability of the trophy. It is worthwhile that it is made of pleasant to the touch materials that do not irritate the athlete's skin.

At Graweria, you can choose from ribbons for medals and awards available in a variety of colors and designs, including colors inspired by the flags of individual countries. Each ribbon has a specific width, which should be adjusted to the size and weight of the medal.

Ribbons for medals and awards - tied or with a snap fastener

Wondering which model of ribbon for medals to choose? With us you will find two types of ribbons - classic, tied ribbons for medals and awards, and those with a snap fastener. The latter are recommended primarily for attaching glass and metal medals, which are particularly vulnerable to falling. The sash ending in a special clasp makes it easier to attach the ribbon to the medal.