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Wooden caskets and trunks

In addition to their traditional function of storing a wide variety of items, wooden chests are also a great way to decorate a room. In the case of the ones we offer, an additional aesthetic enhancement is laser engraving, tailored to individual requirements.



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Wooden trays - a practical decoration

Wooden caskets are a practical decorative element. Due to their small size, they will find use as a hiding place for jewelry, old coins, or other trinkets that we want to protect from loss, and because of the sentimental value of trinkets, we want to have constant access to them. Wooden chests by their universal form will work perfectly in any decor, whether we prefer modern minimalism or classic, rustic elegance. Made of high quality materials, wooden trunks available at store are a guarantee of durability of a gift.

Wooden trunks with engraving - personalized gift

Wooden chests with engraving, in addition to their practical and decorative functions, are a unique gift idea. Thanks to the possibility of placing any dedication, wooden chests with engraving become unique, and the recipient will have the feeling that the gift was created especially for him. High-quality laser engraving, unlike prints, is resistant to time, does not rub off and does not lose its clarity. Wooden trunks decorated with engraving will be a lasting keepsake that will allow you to revisit fond memories at any time.