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Engraved thermoses

Are you looking for a gift idea for a person who enjoys mountain hiking and cycling adventures? Or maybe you need an original gift for your employees that you want to give them as a thank you for a job well done? A thermos with engraving is not only a practical gadget that comes in handy in many situations, but also a great way to bring a beaming smile to the face of the recipient.



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Engraved thermoses - fashion or relic?

Probably each of us at least once had the opportunity to use a thermos. However, do you know the origin of the word? Many years ago, in 1904, a company founded by two German glassmakers produced a product called THERMOS, which was based on vacuum technology. Its name is no accident - the word Thermos comes from the Greek Therme, which translated means "heat." More than 100 years have passed, and THERMOS products are still very popular, but today we can buy them in a completely new version as thermoses with engraving.

It has been accepted that thermoses with engraving are gadgets reserved primarily for Himalayan climbers who want to warm up their bodies with a few sips of warm tea. As it turns out, today they are increasingly used by people who live on the run and drink their favorite espresso on the way to work. Engraved thermoses are also used by fishermen and children, who can enjoy the taste of warm tea instead of drinking sweetened beverages.

Personalized thermos with engraving for a gift

We know how difficult it is sometimes to find the perfect gift, which on the one hand will have a practical dimension, and on the other hand will appeal to the new owner. Therefore, in our offer we have prepared a large selection of original THERMOS brand thermos with engraving, which are made of durable stainless steel. We can prepare any engraving on each of them in the form of a short, humorous inscription or company logo. This makes each thermos unique and special.