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Hotel and advertising key rings

Whether it's hotel key chains or advertising key chains, products of this kind should be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. This way they will serve for many years contributing to the company's image. We offer laser-engraved key rings that meet even the most exacting requirements.


Acrylic Keychain - DROP - BA035
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Acrylic Keychain - DROP - BA035

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Keychains with engraving - elegant key ornaments

Key rings with engraving are a stylish decoration for a set of keys. It's hard to imagine such a bare key, lonely, without company, and easy to lose. Key rings with engraving not only make the key easier to track down in a pocket or purse, but also look elegant, stylish and let us know what door it opens. When you run a hotel or guesthouse, you make sure that every element indicates professionalism and an open approach to the guest. All details, even the smallest ones, have an impact on how the company is perceived by customers. A hotel key ring, although it is only a small accessory, has a significant impact on raising the prestige of the facility. Elegant, in a fancy shape, with an inscription identifying the hotel and the room number, the key ring with engraving will be a great business card and an element of effective marketing.

Hotel key fobs, or how a small thing can do a lot

Hotel key fobs are an integral part of any accommodation facility. Thanks to them, guests have a vivid advertisement in their hand, which accompanies them during their stay, leaving a lasting trace in their memory. Such details can effectively affect the perception of your services, since it is not known today that the whole is the sum of the parts, including the smallest ones. Custom keychains available at give you the opportunity to create a small work of art that will end up in the hands of your guests along with their room keys. With a wide choice of color and shape, a custom-made hotel key ring will fully meet your expectations The project is consulted before the final realization so that the final effect is perfect. Key rings with engraving are made using laser engraving method. In this way we get the possibility to make any inscription or logo. If you care about creating facilities for people with disabilities, at we also offer key rings with engraving bearing inscriptions in Braille. The use of such a solution will create conditions in the hotel facility favorable for visually impaired or blind customers. Adapting the facility to the needs of disabled guests will positively influence the evaluation and improvement of your brand image in the market.

Key ring with engraving as an interesting addition to styling

However, key rings were not created just for business needs. in its rich offer also has key rings for car keys. Thanks to the possibility to personalize them with an inscription or a logo of your choice you can create a unique gadget. Also every dog or cat owner will appreciate high quality identification key rings, which, if placed on the pet's collar, will ensure its safety - placing the owner's data on the key ring will make it easier to return home a lost pet. Key rings with engraving are a stylish and interesting accessory with a wide range of applications, and the possibility of their personalization allows you to achieve a unique effect.