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Choose where we apply selective varnish! Highlight your logo, crest, graphic, advertising slogan.

Lakier wybiórczy

What is selective varnish?
Selective varnish is a layer of colorless UV varnish, which is applied to enhance and highlight any element of graphics or text. Thanks to the use of selective varnish, we get saturated colors and beautiful gloss. Selective varnish can be applied in three options: gloss, semi-mat, matte. A layer of selective varnish can also have a protective function, additionally protecting the color UV print from atmospheric factors.

When is it worth using selective varnish?
Selective varnish is worth using in order to make the most important element of graphics or text stand out from the whole composition. A logotype covered with selective varnish, shining even more, attracts the eye and draws attention to itself. Light rays falling on the surface coated with UV varnish are reflected, so we can see the beautiful shine. Therefore, selective varnish will always be a good option, often used to refine logos on diplomas, trophies, awards, acknowledgements, menu cards or plaques. The technology we have at our disposal allows us to precisely apply varnish even to very small details, causing original highlighting of important components of graphics in coats of arms, logos, advertising slogans or individual inscriptions and letters. Of course, nothing prevents you from UV varnishing an entire logo or graphic. However, by using selective varnish we add flavor and nobility only to the most important elements of graphics and text.

The video shows the use of selective varnish applied in the form of shiny circles on the model's glasses.

In the first video we show selective varnish. The model's glasses show round circles that reflect light, shining depending on the angle of the light in relation to the moving camera or eye. Such an effect is achieved just by applying selective varnish, which refines the graphic. In the second video, the plaque shows a varnished rectangle in 1/4 of the plaque (upper right corner) and selective printing of a tree trunk, hand, face and the letters "ki". All varnished elements reflect sunlight, shining depending on the angle of the sunlight.

We invite you to carry out projects taking into account refinement with selective varnish of selected products from the offer of our store