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Laser engraved cufflinks

Silver cufflinks with engraving are a wonderful combination of timeless style and a touch of craziness that lies in the soul of a man. On each pin we perform any engraving with a fiber laser with a precision of 15 microns. In this way, we can design for you almost any engraving, which will be placed on the type of metal of your choice.



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Silver cufflinks with engraving - a unique attribute of a real man

What makes a man feel like a true gentleman? For one, it will be an elegant bow tie that proudly presents itself around his neck. For another, on the other hand, it's the classic cufflinks with engraving that will complement his every styling for special occasions. The personalized look of the cufflinks makes them not only a decoration for a man's shirt, but also a wonderful memento that will be associated only with beautiful moments in life.

Just like a classic shirt with sewn-in initials or a personalized briefcase, a set of cufflinks with engraving shows how important it is for you to create a cohesive, unique style. Just put your initials, family crest or company logo on them, and you are sure to boost your confidence and improve your image in the eyes of others.

Shirt clips with engraving - the perfect gift idea for a loved one

The possibility of personalization makes silver cufflinks with engraving an increasingly popular choice as a touching wedding gift for a groom or witness, as well as a gift for a wedding anniversary, graduation or a partner's birthday. What's more, engraved pins can also be used as a business gift for an employee or contractor, as a thank you for successful cooperation.

At Grawernia, we have specialized for many years in designing unique engraved shirt clips that feature your initials or coat of arms. Each set comes with a striking black box, on which you can place a gold plaque with a short dedication.