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Large-format UV printing - precise and very fast

UV printing which we have is the fastest and best technology for the production of signage, signs, diplomas, trophies, stands, stands and advertising pens. It allows you to apply special UV-curable inks to a flat surface. Operate with inks in any color from the CMYK palette and special inks (i.e. primer, white, varnish). White paint is often used as a subprint for the CMYK layer, to increase contrast. Selective varnish, on the other hand, is used at the very end to magnificently enhance the printout, covering selected graphics and text elements. Selective varnish also increases color saturation. A very interesting special ink is primer, which we use as a subprint to increase the adhesion of inks on difficult (e.g. slippery) substrates, i.e. glass and metal. Our UV machines apply paints to the following surfaces: wood, plastic, pvc, pvc, pet-gag, plexiglass, glass, metal, leather, paper, foil, rubber, ceramics, stone, textiles. The maximum thickness of the product for UV printing is 50 mm. We work on American machines that offer excellent color reproduction quality and precision printing. Thanks to the use of a large working area (2,5x1,3m) and high speed of printing, we realize production series in a short time. You are welcome to contact us by phone and email for order processing. We make small and large print runs.

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