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  • Hotstamp 26-03-2024

    Specialised Brass Stamps and Burnishers to Personalise Your Products - only at

    In today's world of personalisation, where uniqueness and originality are becoming key values, the hot-stamping technique is gaining popularity. It is with our customers' needs in mind that at we offer unique stamps made of brass, ideal for use with our burnishers and presses. These finely crafted tools open the door to a world of unlimited product personalisation possibilities.

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  • awarding of the diploma 04-08-2023

    Dedications for commemorative diplomas

    Dedications for commemorative diplomas are a great way to express deep feelings related to important moments in our lives. These personalized messages can cover a variety of topics - from graduation, to thanks for saving a life, to appreciation for teachers. Occasional dedications capture the emotions that accompany these events, adding depth and meaning. Here we present you with inspiring examples of such dedications. To order a diploma, just select the number of a specific example. In addition, if you want to give an individual touch to the chosen dedication, allowed the possibility of your own modification of the content, which should be sent to us by email: immediately after placing the order, referring to the order number, in order to make it even better suited to your individual needs and emotions. Dedications for commemorative diplomas are an excellent way to celebrate important moments in life.

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  • certificate of recognition 04-08-2023

    Dedications for business diplomas

    Dedications for business diplomas are not only an expression of appreciation, but also an opportunity to convey a personal message. Here you will find valuable examples of dedications that can serve as the main content of the diploma. When ordering a diploma, simply indicate the number of a specific dedication example so that we can present it for you in the design. In addition, if you want to give an individual touch to the chosen dedication, allowed the possibility of your own modification of the content, which should be sent to us by email: immediately after placing the order, referring to the order number. In this way, each diploma will be perfectly tailored to individual needs and preferences.

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  • Wedding wishes - long 03-08-2023

    Wedding wishes - long

    Extraordinary Wishes and Unique Dedications - Find Inspiration in the Most Beautiful Words!

    Immerse yourself in an ocean of feelings with our special blog of long wishes. Discover the beauty of heart-felt words that will add depth and magic to every occasion. Let our long wishes fill your world with love, gratitude, and joy. We invite you to share inspiration and pay tribute to the most beautiful moments together with us!

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  • 03-08-2023

    Wedding Wishes - Short

    Discover a Treasury of Beautiful Words - Our Blog With Wedding Wishes!

    Bring magic to every wedding with our charming blog of short wedding wishes. Discover unique words that express the sincerest feelings and make this special day even more beautiful. Draw inspiration and share love with us!

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  • 29-05-2023

    Certificates as a Business Gift - How to Impress Clients and Partners

    In today's business world, effective relationship building with clients and partners is key to a company's success. One of the excellent ways to stand out and emphasize the value of our brand is to give certificates as business gifts. Certificates are not only a symbolic distinction for those who have contributed to the success of our company, but also serve as proof of recognition that can impress recipients.

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  • 28-05-2023

    The Use of Engraving in Business: How Brands Can Utilize This Technique

    Engraving is not just a method of personalization, but also a powerful marketing tool for businesses. With the ability to personalize products, promote the brand, and increase customer loyalty, engraving can bring many business benefits. In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which companies can use engraving to strengthen their brand and build relationships with customers

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  • 28-05-2023

    Best Ideas for Personalized Gifts with Engraving or Color Printing

    Looking for a unique gift that will delight the recipient? Personalized gifts with engraving are the perfect solution! Engraving allows you to add an individual character and sentiment to items, creating unforgettable keepsakes. In this article, we will present various items that can be personalized through engraving, as well as provide some extraordinary gift ideas.

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  • Historia Grawerowania 28-05-2023

    The History of Engraving: From Tradition to Modernity

    Engraving is a personalization technique with a long history dating back to antiquity. From the times of the earliest human civilizations to modern technologies, the art of engraving has evolved and become extremely popular in various aspects of life. In this article, we will take a look at the fascinating history of engraving, from its traditional roots to modern applications.

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