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ID Tag - Medium White with Engraving - ID049

  • 1- pcs

    4,47 EUR

  • 6- pcs

    4,25 EUR

  • 20- pcs

    4,02 EUR

  • 100- pcs

    3,80 EUR

  • 200- pcs

    3,57 EUR

Choose options:

laminate colour

Selected: s


Selected: s

dimensions (in mm)

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Product description

ID badges seemingly trivial, but for many years they have raised the image of many companies and positively influence the evaluation of customers. Any self-respecting company knows how important a stage was the introduction of badges and what benefits follow. Badges are dedicated primarily to wherever identification of people is required (hotels, restaurants, spas, spas, customer service, etc.) Produced in our company are made of engraving materials of the highest quality! Thanks to laser engraving technology, we get precise and legible engraving of the content (logo, name, surname, position).

Before implementation, we prepare designs (PDF file) and send for approval to the indicated e-mail address. At the design stage, you can contact a graphic designer at any time, who will help you develop and choose the best design. After accepting the design we proceed to production.

material: engraving laminate
thickness: 1.6 mm
laminate colors (available in the gallery):
- 01 white with black engraving
- 02 white with red engraving
- 03 white with blue engraving
- 04 white with green engraving

ID badge dimensions of your choice:

- 70x25mm (badge will accommodate clasp B and C)
- 70x30mm (badge will accommodate clasp A, B and C)
- 75x35mm (badge will accommodate clasp A, B and C)

1. laminate color: 01 white with blackengraving
2. clasp:
3. dimensions: 70x25mm

After placing an order, please send the contents of the badges to the following email address:

The lead time is from 5 to 7 working days.
The time is calculated from the approval of the project, which we send as a pdf file.
For larger orders, the lead time is determined by phone.

We make badges with three types of fasteners:
Fastener A - is a safety pin and clip fastener.
Fastener B - is a standard fastener with a pin and a lock against unfastening.
Clasp C - is a modern magnetic clasp, it consists of two parts: the first is a magnet that you mount under your clothes, while the second is a plate of metal glued to the badge. The two parts attract each other strongly by squeezing a small piece of clothing. The clasp does not damage the clothes!

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