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Pictograms - blue and black color - plaque with a diameter of 8 cm

Price: 3,10 EUR 2,02 EUR/ pc

Product description

PICTOGRAMS PLATES - graphic message legible and understandable for all people no matter what language they speak.
After placing an order, please send an e-mail with information about the demand for selected pictograms.

engraving laminate for indoor and outdoor use.
- blue, white engraving
- black, white engraving
thickness: 1.6 mm
fixing: plaque glued with self-adhesive foam.

size: diameter 8 cm
plaques can be made in any size (subject to individual pricing)

delivery time: from 3 to 7 days counted from the approval of the project pdf.

We will be happy to answer your questions - hotline: 801 090 121

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