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Hotel Keychain - HENRY 2mm Steel - BM016

  • 10- pcs

    2,69 EUR

  • 41- pcs

    2,51 EUR

  • 101- pcs

    2,16 EUR

  • 201- pcs

    2,02 EUR

  • 301- pcs

    1,91 EUR

  • 401- pcs

    1,80 EUR

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engraved on both sides

Selected: s

Minimalna ilość zamówienia: 10 szt.



Protection and safe purchases up to 10,000 PLN

Product description

Key ring with a classic shape, made of stainless steel. Deburred and polished so it is pleasant to the touch (no sharp edges). Excellent readability and clarity of engravings made precisely with fiber laser. On key rings we engrave any content, numbering, phone numbers, website of your company. Before production, we send designs of key rings, usually several versions to choose from. After final approval of the project we make key rings and send them. We add a metal ring to each key ring.
Minimum order: 10 pcs.
material: stainless steel 2mm
dimensions: 50x13mm
finishing: deburring and polishing
metal circle: fi 26mm
Note: fiber laser engraving is graphite in color at a certain angle may fall into dark brown is a natural phenomenon occurring in this technology. The color depends on the angle of incidence of light on the key ring.
Deadline for the implementation of the order determined individually counted from the approval of the project which we send in the form of a pdf file.
Please provide the content for engraving:

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