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Price: 46,97 EUR/ pc

Product description

A unique diploma of appreciation for the photographer on a wooden backing. This is a great way to thank him for his work during important events like a wedding or engagement. The diploma was made using two technologies - laser engraving and UV printing. The acknowledgment on the gold laminate was made with engraving, while the graphics and text on the silver laminate were made with UV printing.

The diploma has a convex photo plate made of black acrylic with a thickness of 3mm. We can customize the design of the diploma to suit the type of ceremony. Choosing the optional case we get a very elegant set, which will successfully become a unique gift for any occasion. We recommend to arrange all the details with our team of graphic designers, who are at your disposal immediately after placing the order.

Before implementation, we prepare designs (PDF file) and send them for approval to the indicated e-mail address. At the design stage, you can contact the graphic designer at any time. After accepting the selected design we proceed to the production of the diploma.

- dimensions of the diploma: 30.5cm x 23cm
- gold laminate with black engraving thickness: 1.6mm
- silver laminate with UV printing thickness: 0.8mm
- black acrylic thickness: 3mm
- total cliché relief: 3.8mm

NOTE WE RECOMMEND: (optional) diploma case, black, maroon, blue, green or white. Be sure to add them to your cart by clicking below.

Optional case:
- case color: red, navy blue, green, black
- case dimensions: 36,5cm x 28,8cm
- imitation leather, metal hardware on the corners.
- inside velour and ribbon,

Delivery time from 3 to 7 working days.
calculated from the moment of approval of the project, which we send you as a pdf file.
For larger orders delivery time agreed by phone.

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