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Laser Engraved Mandolin Diploma - size 500x260 mm - DRE009

Price: 53,93 EUR/ pc

Product description

A great-looking diploma in the shape of a mandolin, which is made of wood and gold engraving laminate. The mandolin-shaped diploma will be a great prize in music competitions. We engrave the content of the dedication on the gold engraving laminate.
It is possible to make any diploma in the shape of the instrument (subject to individual pricing).

Before realization, we prepare designs (PDF file) and send for approval to the indicated e-mail address. At the design stage, you can contact a graphic designer at any time, who will help you develop and choose the best design. After accepting the project, we proceed to the production of the diploma.

diploma dimensions: 500x260mm
- dark brown plywood with a thickness of 5mm
- gold engraving laminate with black engraving with a thickness of 1.6mm

Delivery time from 5 to 10 days time calculated from the approval of the project, which we send you in the form of a pdf file.
It is possible to make the order in express.
The content for engraving can be sent to e-mail:

We will be happy to answer your questions - hotline: 801 090 121

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