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  • Bestseller

Rectangular Door Signs - 29x8cm

  • 1- pcs

    10,90 EUR

  • 6- pcs

    10,11 EUR

  • 11- pcs

    9,44 EUR

  • 51- pcs

    8,76 EUR

  • 101- pcs

    8,31 EUR

  • 201- pcs

    8,09 EUR

Product description

Making a system of information signs for doors with numbering according to the designs shown in the gallery. All designs of signs we send before execution in the form of a PDF file for customer approval. Any content, typefaces, logos, graphics, room numbering.
Application: plates for doors
Dedicated to: schools, kindergartens, spas, doctor's offices, hotels, motels, companies, restaurants, etc.
Plaques dimensions: 29x8cm
material: engraving laminate with sputtered metal layer
color: lightly brushed silver
engraving color: black
thickness: 1,6mm
shape of plates: rectangular (corners at right angles)
accessory: mounting foam
Plaques designed for self-assembly - they contain a special mounting foam, which allows you to stick the plaque in any place (wall, door, glass). All plaques are delivered glued with foam. All you need to do is to take off the paper (as in a regular sticker) and press the plaque to the place where you want to stick it. However, remember to degrease the surface of the door with spirit (denatured alcohol or extraction gasoline) beforehand.

The lead time is from 3 to 7 working days.
Time calculated from the approval of the project, which we send in the form of a pdf file.
For larger orders, the lead time is determined by phone.
We will be happy to answer your questions by email or telephone

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